"You see," he began, "A few years ago, Nissan developed a racing engine for the sake of showing the world they were the fastest in the world. No one was mentally strong enough to control the thirst the gas produced while in effect. How will they protect Fixer's village? "Are you after a body or something...?" asked Zooey. "Where should I dig?" asked Fulla Bull. ... Chapter 36 - Power Unleashed Chapter 37 - Rampage Chapter 38 - Natsu vs Roxas Chapter 39 - Light vs Dark: The Final Battle Part 1 Chapter 40 - Light vs. "SOMEBODY DUG IT UP!!!" Well, after one whole month of waiting and coming up with suggestions, I now present to you all the first chapter of the long-awaited fanfic, 'Sonic Boom: Dark Tails Unleashed'! I should have destroyed that engine then and there! Whoever would dare to travel into space. Co-Writers A tall, lanky man in a torn and raggedy suit stepped out of the hearse and drew his flashlight. Snowflakes were seen falling down from the sky, making no sound as they fell gently down to the ground. The interview also stated that the game would feature areas from previous Sonic games, ranging from classic fields such as Gre… ""What were they?" "Sonic?" She was Tails’ girlfriend, and no one should’ve been allowed to hurt him, not without facing the consequences, especially the friends that Tails and her originally trusted before those friendships broke into, Chapter Three In this short Quickies episode, Team Sonic and Team Rose have challenged one another to a race across Bygone Island, using fast cars that Tails has built for them, although Sticks and Vector drive their own specially made vehicles for the occasion. ^^Dark Tails Unleashed: RebootedOpening TeaserBy grimlock1997....Darkness.It’s a sight and feeling that we all know too well.You cannot see through it, because it’s hard to make out where anything is within it, and not even the brightest flashlight in the universe can evaporate it away, forever. Tails continued. Black Hole Sun is the sixth chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As a commemoration for my 1,000th deviation on my DA gallery, and after finishing Team Sonic Racing on PS4, I became inspired to write this quick and short Sonic Boom Quickies episode, which has a similar style to TSR, just within the Boom community, and addressing two character changes for one team. he asked, dazed.Out of the darkness stepped another hedgehog. Chapter 17: Dark Gaia Keerathehedgehog Previous on Sonic Unleased (Your own story); Sonic, Keera and Chip landed in front of Eggmanland, searched for the Gaia Temple and the last Chaos Emerald had eventually regained it's power and color again. And now that some strange purple aura had entered through Tails’ b, Chapter Two It includes up to five cop events with the available selection depending on the purchased downloadable content packs associated with the Porsche Unleashed Pack. Its tires were wide and looked to be racing slicks. However, this one wasn't blue and fast. "I still remember the day it was built. Chapter 1. "Where on Earth have I heard it before.......? ""Well, you didn't." Right now, Soar the Eagle was standing next to, Well, here is the second version of TailsXMarine in the Sonic Tribal series. It can burrow into you, contaminate you from the inside out, it can even drive you to the brink of madness and insanity, and even shut out any possible signs of hope of returning to the positive light that normally shines within one’s well being.The feeling of going dark is chilling ...... but it’s not as chilling as what you’re about to read in this story.....Our story begins with, at first, nothing but a darkened point of view, before we can hear the sounds of splashing, heavy rain pelting down and high winds blowing. With Tails, now going under the name ‘Dark Tails’, hell bent on getting revenge on his former allies, Team Sonic, who have disbanded after a very serious incident in an earlier battle a few days prior, must join together once again to not only prevent themselves from getting killed, but they must also find a way to get the dark monster out of their little friend’s body, even if it means joining forces with their arch-enemy, Doctor Eggman. ""How do you know I'm not special?" "Zooey sat up. said one of his pit crew members.That's when the blue car took off at lightning speed, knocking over some people with the draft of its acceleration. "Well, if we've got V-Gas, why did they bury the engine? And Tails has a way to stop Knuckles’ bad breath scent. he said to himself.But Tails wasn't admiring the car like everyone else. After seeing Tails storm away in frustration from the hardware store in town following the harsh, negative criticism from the townspeople, Zooey, who just gave the villagers some chastising of her own, was now walking off to find the two people who were largely responsible for causing her boyfriend so much pain, hurt and misery: Amy and Sticks. Before you landed on the ground you did a quick salto and landed perfectly fine on the ground, together with Sonic. Meanwhile, Blake went to Jimbei to find out how they were doing. "Professor Pickle, over at Spagonia University." The remastered version of Dark Tails Unleashed has arrived with its very first chapter! This remaster is to celebrate the story's two year anniversary (and mine here on Wattpad). Continuing from where we left off... "But I'll tell you anyway. "The two hedgehogs began to argue. "The guard walked down from the watchtower in an unintimidating manner, "Well, if you say so." asked Hamada. Gaia Manuscripts and the history of Dark Gaia! "It was a twin-turbocharged inline 6 gasoline engine designed to be fitted to a performance car. "Tails nodded. said Tails to Sonic.That's when another car showed up to the track. On Bygone Island, the crash sight with the now destroyed tree wasn't too dramatic, but it certainly was a big stunt. Story "GUARDS!" This episode will be shorter than our other six episodes, but we promise it will be much better than our infamously complicated ‘Water Caves’ episode, which was an absolute nightmare to write. Malice grabbed a beaten and bruised Tails behind a tree and threw him in front of Sonic like a ragdoll (which is how he landed…like a ragdoll) as storm clouds formed and as it started to thunder. The youngest generation of Fairy Tail, against the Dragon King of Apocalypse, leading by Erza Scarlet, the other members of Fairy Tail returned to aid Natsu in his assault against the Dragon, in order to protect their master, in order to protect their own, as a family. Chapter One He had brown quills, a yellow racing jumpsuit, and brown eyes. Meanwhile, in the chaos of Bygone Village, Sonic & Knuckles must fight Dark Tails to try & stop him, but it isn't going to be very easy. Since we’re coming to the end of 2020, as a little end of the year treat, I decided to share with you a quick little snippet of what I’ve started off for Dark Tails Unleashed: Rebooted, which will be released at some point in 2021. "Spagonia?" "Open up!" Taking a further look down into an opening within the jungle grounds, which was covered in deep snow, the playful laughing was coming from Tails and Zooey. This one will be much better and les, Greetings, fellow Decepticons! There sitting before him was the fabled and fearsome RB26 engine. Part Three: Sticky Payback "Tails got out of Zooey's Volkswagen. (2017-2020) The racing officials reasoned that their best drivers could just tough it out until the race was over, but they were wrong. You guys have been great supporters for this new fanfic, and I do hope that you all will, Here is chapter twelve of the special fanfic, which is the final one of the story. Producer And to Sonic, it felt incredible. "Zooey nodded. Dark Tails Unleashed: Remastered - Chapter 6 (PT1) Happy Three Year Anniversary to Dark Tails Unleashed! This will also feature our two guest characters, one which has been mentioned earlier at the start, and the other one who only appears as a shadow silhouette. Sonic could SURELY take much higher speeds than all those human drivers! She's a mandatory party member for this next section, so choose the rest of your party, then head left to find a Chao Egg. Then you all started to walk, except for Chip who is, mostly, flying. said the newcomer. Then you saw Chip floating behind Tails, doing like he was swimming. Sonic considered arguing, but the light stirred restlessly within him, reminding him that it was getting dark. THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING AND SUPPORTING ME!!!! Dark Tails Unleashed: Remastered - Chapter 6 (PT1) Happy Three Year Anniversary to Dark Tails Unleashed! "I said a POSSIBLE solution. Eggman almost has the whole town covered in sticky bubblegum, but luckily Team Sonic arrive with their own sticky trap. This one will be a bit slightly shorter than the first version. Then you heard the person say something. The minute the engine fired up, all other sounds around him went quiet.Meanwhile upstairs, Tails and Zooey were busy battling Bull's guards.All of a sudden, the room was shaken by the sound of the RB26. :) The sun shined brightly in the village of the Great Mobius Jungle, and with no clouds blocking out the sun, it just looked amazing in the sunshine. It’s a sight and feeling that we all know too well. As the full moon continued to shine its eerie, haunting rays of light down on him from within the night sky, Dark Tails watched with bright blood red eyes, as his former best friend-turned enemy, Sonic the Hedgehog, run away from the jungle, PETRIFIED out of his own mind, having just unintentionally triggered off the darkness within Tails’ form by pushing him roughly into the water of the lake out of his own frustration and, Dark Tails Unleashed: Remastered - Cancelled, Chapter Five Tails demanded.A guard looked down. No way I could pass out.""YOU!" A small red badge reading "GT-R" could be seen on the front grille, and another badge like it could be seen on the rear of the car.From what anyone looking at it could tell, it was a marvel.Sonic's jaw dropped as he watched it drive past. You'll start this Chapter by getting a new party member -- Shade! Where? Explore the Sonic fanfiction collection - the favourite images chosen by Markin30 on DeviantArt. The two of them loaded the motor into the back of the hearse and drove off, leaving the hole they dug behind to soak up the rainwater alone.The next day, Sonic, Tails and Zooey were enjoying a day at the racing track. he shouted. Suddenly, the sound of somebody screaming could be heard, almost a shrill shrieking kind of one, followed by another scream, and then eventually, Since we’re coming to the end of 2020, as a little end of the year treat, I decided to share with you a quick little snippet of what I’ve started off for Dark Tails Unleashed: Rebooted, which will be released at some point in 2021. Sonic couldn't POSSIBLY pass out at that car's speed like all those inferior humans, right?In the end, Sonic's fight with his own brain ended with him deciding to sneak to Fulla Bull's mansion and see if the car and engine were in there somewhere.Sonic opened the window just as Tails was entering the room. "Zooey showed visible confusion. Tails began to realize that Sonic had overheard his story, and immediately knew where he was going."Zooey!" But up to the real story!) Before I begin the story, I would just like to say special thanks to the following people who have been supportive for my new fanfic. Tonight was December 24th, Christmas Eve, and there was just one more day before the most wonderful day of the year would arrive, and that was Christmas Day, which was December 25th. "I mustn't think of that. Challenge 3: Knuckles Vs Sticks Overtime throughout the night, the heavy rain had finally stopped and the clouds eventually disappeared from the sky, making it clear once again. TheEgg Bot (エッグボット, Eggu Botto?) You stood on one of the wings of Tails his plane. Sonic's smile was now wide across his face, and he felt that he had experienced all he wanted to. Perhaps because of how horribly rushed the game's soundfonts were, most, if not all of the .SSEQ (basically .MIDI files in the DS file format) files call instruments that do not get heard because the soundbanks do not contain the respective file for those instruments. He turned to face his right hand man, who was sitting in the passenger seat. "Our what?" Once Hamada was on the ground, Sonic jumped into the car that he felt he needed to drive just once. Dark Tails Unleashed: Remastered - Chapter 6 (PT1) Happy Three Year Anniversary to Dark Tails Unleashed! But when he suddenly gets hit by a strange meteorite that contaminates his body with a strange dark purple energy, Tails soon becomes a much darker person, with nothing but anger and hatred towards his friends, unaware that he is now corrupted and controlled by a mysterious ancient dark being, whose power comes from the energy Tails now harbours. I certainly hope this fanfic was worth the read for all you fellow Decepticons! Even ducks were swimming in a lake hidden in the jungle, with a family of baby ducks following their mother around the water, quacking and flapping their wings, while their mother swam in front of them. Daughter of the Nine tails (remastered) Fanfiction. "What's wrong? asked Sonic. said Fulla. Chapter Eight - Battle for the Village - Part One ~FixersChannel (https://www.deviantart.com/fixerschannel), :iconerik-the-okapi:, :iconhipstershadowhedgie:, :iconqcherry:, :iconthecarebeargirl:, :icontoad900:, :iconsonicsallyfan-1:, :iconmarika-the-fox: & :iconlegendarygriffin: Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. I am Hamada the Hedgehog, descendant of Kozo Watanabe. Fairy Tail charged at Acnologia. "Tails sighed. "Tails began to explain. In a preview of the game featured in the February 2008 issue of Nintendo Power magazine, details were given on some of the game's features, as well as confirming its name. Sonic Boom: Dark Tails Unleashed ""How much money for the RB26 engine??" I was called by Mr. Bull on the promise that I could drive my father's car in the upcoming race. Today is also my 22nd birthday, so we made this episode especially for today. Enjoy. "To my car! You said. Chapter 21: A duel between monsters. The very one that had killed ALL of its test drivers- "NO WAY," Sonic thought. Pyrrha: Thank you, it is an honor. "Fulla Bull was just looking over his purchase for a tank of V-Gas when the door to his office burst open. Let's get on with the story now. "I'm going to drive us over to the cemetery. "That's what I should be asking you." The first panel of the manga strip with the Shogaku Ninensei debut of Charmy Bee. I'll use it as I please. The kidnapping of Tails, Nami and Penny! It’s been quite a while since I last wrote an episode of Sonic Boom Quickies, with the previous one being written back in November 2017, which featured Marine the Racoon reuniting with her best friends, Sonic and Tails. said Sonic. "Who dug what up!?" asked Zooey. It’s gonna be a long story, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.”....End of Teaser, The night was still and quiet. Kitsune, the daughter of the nine tailed fox Kurama. ""It's about something that's SUPPOSED to be buried there!!" You may be looking for the Eggbots from the Archie Comics. Then you saw Chip also landing on his feets and stretching his little arms. "Bring me my driver!" They called it the RB26. Highway Patrol is a car tier for SCPD units in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered and encompasses the second from lowest performance rated cars available to cops. But as he reached the 730 mile per hour mark, he suddenly began to feel that his vision was slightly blurrier than it should have been. Sonic could do something with his arms. "If you drive it, it'll kill you for sure. Eventually, it settled into full-on physical combat as the two threw each other across the room and punched and kicked and broke random objects. Of course, there will be a bump in the road somewhere in this shor, Happy Three Year Anniversary to Dark Tails Unleashed! Writer Chapter Six (Part One) It’s been a long time since we made any episodes on our series, so you could say that we’ve been on a mini hiatus on the series. :) (Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-Er). IT'S THE RB26!!" Enjoy. "Open up!" Across the back of the car, the word "SKYLINE" could be read in all capital letters. And I have my two great fanfic collaborators ~DiddyKF1 (https://www.deviantart.com/diddykf1) and :icontoad900: to thank  for helping me write this fanfic out. Sonic Tribal created by Lord-Kiyo. And it was only getting blurrier. "So, somebody's dug out the engine and is using it in a car again? ""T-THE CEMETERY!?" He was amazed as the speedometer continued to rise; 300, 400, 500, 600......it was as if this car had no maximum speed and would simply continue to accelerate forever! But we’re back on it! One of the details it confirmed was that there would be eleven playable characters, but only nine had been announced at that point. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS!!! Zoro: You are very good, girl. Pops Out of the Time Box Whenever There's a Crisis! "I need to see Mr. "I'VE GOT IT! When we get there, there's a story I need to tell you. They hired a bunch of chemists who eventually came up with something called 'V-Gas.' As the third car tier of the Cop Career, it features fourteen events that can be unlocked. "No, I'm not a grave digger." It is a robot duplicate created by and fashioned after Dr. Eggman in the doctor's image, making it a prime example of Eggman's narcissism. Enjoy! grimlock1997 The engine was incredibly fast; the resulting Nissan Skyline GT-R which was powered by the engine instantly became the world's fastest car. Ruined Metropolis. Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog is in very deep trouble after he reveals the truth about an old bet that he and Tails had made in the past, in which he never told his little brother that he actually won it. (2017-2020), (Just a warning: Boom Amy is going to be somewhat out of character), Gift Art: Tails with his New Inflatable Coat, Dark Tails Unleashed - Poster Contest Entry, Dark Tails~ The Argument That Began It All, Speed Tails: The Fastest Car On Earth (Part 1). he asked. If this were a beauty contest, WE'VE LOST!!!" Bull! The second challenge was a fight between Tails and Zooey, but the foxes decided to do a kissing challenge instead, because of their love towards each other. Sonic Tribal - TailsXMarine (Version Two) Tails shouted.Bull immediately ordered all of his guards to run to their cars and catch the Skyline. demanded Tails once more. from the story Fairy Tail: Legend of Roxas by SonicBlade40 with 553 reads. "Let's just get back home. Most people pass out at around 600 miles per hour. Enjoy! "The Bull Manor stood high, towering over all else, Tails ran to the front gates with Zooey close behind. He could, kinda, stretch them. In the sixth chapter of this fanfic, Sticks & Amy meet up with Team Fixer in the Legends Village, in an attempt to hide away from the dark fox. "Meanwhile, Sonic had successfully sneaked into the basement garages and was looking for the car in question, which he now knew to be called the "Nissan Skyline GT-R."Finally, he found what he'd been dreaming of. The engine was simply too fast and too powerful for a mortal to handle. It can, TailsXZooey - Christmas Time By grimlock1997 & BlueForce91 It was Christmas Time on Bygone Island, and the whole island was covered in a thick blanket of soft white snow, which, while no doubt cold, looked absolutely beautiful with the full moon shining down on it.