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New music video: You Bad (feat Killa Maus)

BREAKING NEWS: Your boys are back in the studio finishing up our third record!! While we wrap things up, we figured it was time to get a new tune out (a taste of what’s to come).

We proudly present “You Bad” (insert explosion emoji here). “You Bad” features Tempe based solo artist Killa Maus on vocals, keyboard & acoustic guitar. We also brought in long time friend & collaborator Kazton Boone to provide the funky lead guitar, as well as Phelan Parker on saxophone & Kevin Wiscombe on violin.

And what good is a new single without a fresh music video these days?!? This time around, Josh teamed up with Jesse Morrison (aka Killa Maus) to create a fun/adventurous story of the trio preparing for an underground dance battle, with many sexy obstacles along the way. We had a great time making this video and the proof is in the “behind the scenes” video, which can be found here. #youbad